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I.B. Moore Company, LLC is a top tier manufacturing and distribution company specializing in rollers, O-rings, gaskets, seals and many other elastomer products for a broad spectrum of industrial needs. We offer custom rubber and urethane molded parts to ensure that the machines of every industry can keep running smoothly and efficiently without you having to search forever to find the exact part you need. Additionally, we provide custom kits and O-ring kits, so our clients can always have the parts they need on hand to repair pumps, air compressors, and other items.

We began servicing customers in 1967 and our dedicated employees continue pleasing original and new customers worldwide. Our main service areas tend to be in about a three-hour radius of Lexington, including Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Nashville, TN; and Indianapolis, IN.

Our company is proud to manufacture, fabricate, and distribute quality products from our 30,000 sq. ft. facility located in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. We service a variety of industries, including forklift manufacturers, printing companies, and really any business that uses large machinery.

We have an ISO 9001 Certification that guarantees a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Second only to our quality is the drive to provide quick, cost-conscious service. We welcome all orders and offer the knowledge of a tenured staff that can assist in finding the right solution for your business. We want every customer to walk away from an interaction with our company with the feeling that they got amazing service and the right product for their specific needs.

To learn more about all the different products we offer and find one for your machine, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today! With over 50 years of experience, our company is standing by with the knowledge and expertise you need to help you keep your business running smoothly.

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