In this article, I.B. Moore – conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) – is here to tell you about how our static straps save companies money and equipment. Contact us today for this or any of your industrial rubber needs.

Static electricity is an electric charge that does not move; rather, it stays in one location. The static is able to be built up when materials that do not conduct electricity proficiently are rubbed together repeatedly. This includes insulated conductors and insulators such as rubber or plastics. While static does have some useful applications, it can be harmful too. Static electricity when combined with electronics for example can result in damage to the electrical components. The discharge even has the capability of igniting flammable gases and liquids, which can be disastrous. Static dissipating straps were created to help combat this issue and protect items that are sensitive to an electric charge.

Static straps ensure that electricity is never given the opportunity to build up. The I.B. Moore static straps mount to the underside of a vehicle and drag the ground, this allows static electricity to dissipate and never come into contact with the sensitive object. The I.B. Moore static straps are primarily used in the material handling industry but are also effective on virtually every vehicle. Static straps are a required safety feature of many forklifts and commercial vehicles. They are responsible for saving companies millions of dollars keeping people and sensitive equipment from harm.

The I.B. Moore static straps are a carefully formulated conductive rubber compound that dissipates static electricity. Our formulation is durable and has a long lasting capacity to withstand tearing, abrasion, and weathering. In order to fit whatever your company needs, our straps are offered in several standard sizes as well as any custom length or configuration. We rely on automated equipment to manufacture the straps which allows us to produce high volumes while maintaining short lead times and competitive prices.

We also specialize in manufacturing other products in addition to the static straps, including o-rings, hoses, molded rubber products, gaskets, tubing, o-ring cords, seals, and roller assemblies. Our company has provided customers with quality products for over fifty years. We are located in Lexington, KY and provide our quality parts locally as well as worldwide.