If you perform service on several different types of machines, it can be difficult to find the part you need for the one you’re currently working on. Luckily, I.B. Moore offers specialty and custom kits for different types of machines, so you’ll always have the parts you need for repairs or routine maintenance. Read on to learn more about why kits are a smart investment for your business.

Let’s say you’re restoring a 1990’s Toyota Celica. You could make a list of all the different parts you need and then begin your hunt, looking everywhere you can possibly think of to find the right parts. Some parts may be more difficult to find than others, or you may buy a part thinking it’s one thing, only to find out it’s another. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just buy a single kit from one place that has all the parts you would need?

That’s how kits from I.B. Moore work. You tell us the specific model of the machine you’re working on, and we can put together a kit for you that will give you exactly what you need. Most of our current kits are for air compressors, but we are open to building custom kits for other types of machines. If you aren’t sure if a kit would be right for your machine, give us a call!

The great thing about our kits is that you get everything you need to rebuild a compressor in a single box. Additionally, since there are different kits for different compressors, you’ll know without a doubt that you have all the right parts for your specific model. Typically, our kits contain o-rings, gaskets, hoses, and fittings, but if you need other parts for your machine, we are happy to create a kit that includes those as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about why kits are a smart investment for your business or want to contact us about a custom kit, give I.B. Moore a call today! We have over 40 years of experience and can help you with any of your various industrial needs. In addition to our kits, we also make o-rings, gaskets, rollers, cords, and many more custom urethane and molded products. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky, but we also proudly serve the surrounding area within a 3-hour radius, including Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee.