When you need to fit together two sections of pipes that are flared for more surface area, you need a flange gasket. Flange gaskets help seal the pipes to prevent leakage and absorb vibration around a pipe or pipe fitting. At I.B. Moore, we manufacture standard and custom flange gaskets in Lexington, KY. Read on to learn about some uses for flange gaskets.

Flange gaskets come in a variety of sizes, including both metric and standard, to fit any pipe. We can even custom create gaskets for you if your pipes don’t fit into standard sizes. We offer standard, ring, and full face gaskets since not every shape works for every pipe. Thickness is another important metric and can be customized to your specifications. With our extensive manufacturing experience, we can provide short lead times and even same-day service for most sizes.

A ring gasket has an inner and outer diameter, forming a ring shape. These are designed to work under extremely high pressure. Full face gaskets, on the other hand, looks similar but has bolt holes in the area between the inner and outer diameters. Whether you know exactly which style you need or want a recommendation, we can help you make the proper selection.

Flange gaskets are used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to plumbing, electronic, fuel pipelines, breweries, HVAC, chemical, medical, food, and more. To find out if you need flange gaskets for your industry, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today. We have expert knowledge on a wide variety of industries and manufacturing processes and can help you find exactly the parts you need.

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