When it comes to machinery, parts don’t always break when it’s convenient. In fact, it’s usually when you’re right in the middle of a big job. If that’s the case and you don’t have time to order molded o-rings, custom spliced o-rings are a great alternative. Read on to learn about some of the advantages of custom spliced o-rings.

What are custom spliced o-rings?

Custom spliced o-rings are created when extruded cord stock is cut and bonded together. We carry a wide variety of sizes and rubber types in stock to help you get the exact piece you need. We also have tools in-house that we can use to create most sizes.

Because of the rapid production time, custom spliced o-rings are helpful in a variety of circumstances.

Static Sealing Applications

If the o-ring isn’t going to come into contact with moving parts, custom spliced o-rings are perfect for the job. Because they are not quite as strong as molded o-rings, they should not be used in dynamic sealing applications, because they won’t be able to handle the stress of moving parts. Static sealing applications are much more appropriate for custom spliced o-rings.

Emergency Needs

Custom spliced o-rings have a shorter production time than molded o-rings, so they are perfect for emergency situations. At I.B. Moore, we offer very short delivery times, so you can get your parts in a timely manner and get your machines back up and running.

Small Quantities

If you only need a few o-rings, custom spliced o-rings are the way to go. They are cheaper in small quantities than molded o-rings, but would not be as cost effective for large orders. Fewer pieces also mean faster delivery times, which can be helpful if you’re in an emergency situation.

Non-standard Sizes

Not all machines are made the same way, which means not all of their parts are going to be the same size. I.B. Moore creates custom spliced o-rings, so you can always get the size you need. We offer centerless grinding on cord to +/- .003 up to 20 ft lengths.

If you’re in need of custom spliced o-rings, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today. Additionally, we offer gaskets, hoses, tubing, roller assemblies, custom molded products, and seals. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky, but proudly serve a 3-hour radius around the city, including Nashville, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Call us today to find out about the different parts we offer and how we can keep your business running smoothly.