In your business, there are tons of different types of machines, and each of them requires very specific parts. Unfortunately, not all of those machines have standard parts, especially if the machine itself isn’t standard. Thankfully, you have more options than just standard parts. At I.B. Moore, we can create custom molded products to keep your machines up and running perfectly. Read on to see why custom molded products are perfect for your business.

Perfect Sizing

With custom molded products, we can create a number of sizes for your parts. That way, you can always be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. We can even create a prototype for you before we go to full production to ensure that everything fits and works correctly.

The Right Toughness

Some companies only produce parts in one hardness. At I.B. Moore, however, we can create parts with a wide range of hardness from 35A all the way up to 90A. No matter what kind of stress your machine is putting on these parts, we can help you choose the right material to stand up to it.

Various Materials

We create our custom molded products from a variety of different materials, including neoprene, silicone, nitrile, NBR, Viton, and millable urethane. Not sure what material your part should be made from? Our experts can help recommend what you need.

The Correct Part Every Time

We can mold a huge selection of custom parts for your business. Some of these products include rollers, spacers, seals, gaskets, plungers, vibration mounts, and much more. We have over 50 years of experience, and our team is dedicated to getting you the parts you need to keep your business up and running smoothly.

To learn more about the different parts we offer or to place an order, contact I.B. Moore today. We have an ISO 9001 Certificate, which guarantees our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Along with our custom molded products, we offer o-rings, kits, seals, and a variety of other products your business may need. We are proudly located in Lexington, Kentucky and serve Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Nashville, TN; and the surrounding areas.