If you’re a forklift manufacturer or build other large pieces of machinery, you know how many different parts go into building these extremely specialized machines. When you need a lot of these specialized parts at once, look no further than I.B. Moore. We offer all the different custom parts you might need for your forklift and can help you find the right sizes and styles.


Between the hydraulic fluids, fuel, and moving air, there are a lot of chambers in a forklift that need to be properly sealed. O-rings can make sure these areas are sealed correctly, so your machine will continue working properly. We have multiple cross-sectional dimensions, durometers, lengths, material types and sizes, and we can vulcanize most extrusions through our custom o-ring department.


Grommets can help protect the electrical cables in your forklift from being abraded, torn, or cut from the friction and stress they are put under. We can make a number of different sizes and ensure they are strong enough to keep your forklift cables safe.


In your forklift, there are a number of different fluids that need to be moved around the machine. The hoses you choose are extremely important because you need them to be flexible enough to fit in the machine but durable enough that it won’t spring a leak. We also offer sleevings and spring guards for hose assemblies.


Along with hoses, you need quite a bit of tubing when manufacturing forklifts and other types of large machinery. We offer a wide selection of tubing materials, including PVC, thermoplastics, pure gum, rubber, clear plastic, urethane, silicone, and neoprene. We also offer several items to synchronize with tubing, like fittings and seal plastics.

Rubber Molded Parts

Besides the aforementioned pieces, there are many specialized parts that large pieces of machinery need. I.B. Moore can create a wide selection of custom rubber molded parts to ensure that your machines run like they’re supposed to. We offer hardness options ranging from 35A to 90A and rubber to metal bonding.

To learn more about the different parts you need for your large machinery, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today. We are located in Lexington, Kentucky and proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Nashville, TN; and Indianapolis, IN.