If you’ve ever worked with textiles, sheet metal, or other thin materials, you’ve probably at least heard of a grommet. Otherwise, you may be a little in the dark. So, what is a grommet and why do you need one? One of the most common examples can be found in your shoes. Grommets are the little metal rings in your shoe that the shoelaces run through. They are small rings made of several different materials that are put into a hole in a thin piece of material, usually fabric or sheet metal. They are collared or flared to keep them in place and are used to prevent tearing of the original piece of material or to protect it from the insulation on wires that may pass through the hole.

Now that you know what a grommet is and what it does, why do you need one? Well, that’s kind of a trick question, because the likelihood is, you don’t need just one. You probably need several for a single piece of material. When you’re working with electrical cables, grommets are important to protect the cables. Holes in metal often have sharp edges that can rub against the cables and cause breakage or tears. Grommets that fit tight enough can also prevent the entrance of dirt, water, and air into the machine that may be harmful to it.

Some grommets, especially those made of rubber or plastic, are used to reduce the number of vibrations the materials are subjected to. If you have a piece of machinery that is sensitive to shocks, reducing the number of vibrations can be largely beneficial to keeping everything working properly.

Now you know both what grommets are and why you need them, so the final question to ask is, “Where can you get them?”. I.B. Moore has standard and custom-made rubber grommets for all of your industrial needs. With over 50 years in the manufacturing industry, I.B. Moore knows exactly what each of their clients’ needs and can help them get it quickly and efficiently. We have an ISO 9001 Certification that guarantees a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our business.

Along with grommets, we also provide o-rings, gaskets, hoses, tubing, rollers, sheet rubber, and a large selection of custom molded products. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky and proudly serve the surrounding area, including Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Nashville, TN; and Indianapolis, IN. Call us today for all of your industrial parts needs.