If you handle large machinery like forklifts often, you know how important their hydraulic systems are. Hydraulic seals are vital for blocking or separating fluid in machines that use reciprocating motion applications. If your machine’s hydraulic seal becomes damaged, you’ll need to replace it quickly to avoid more costly repairs. I.B. Moore has you covered and is the best place to get hydraulic seals near Lexington, KY.

Hydraulic seals are often made from rubber, polyurethane, or a material called PTFE. The type of material you’ll need for your hydraulic seal will largely depend on the type of machine that it’s going into and the demands that will be placed on it. The temperature can also play a role as some materials can melt under high temperatures or become rigid and break under low ones.

At I.B. Moore, we offer both static and dynamic hydraulic seals to ensure you get the right type for your machine. Static hydraulic seals don’t see any movement, and they are located down in a groove on the machine. They act like a gasket and provide a tight seal within their confined spaces. Dynamic seals on the other hand, is exposed to movement and will need to be more durable to withstand any friction it is subjected to.

We specialize in custom and standard parts for a large variety of machinery. We know how difficult it can be to find the right part and get your business back up and running quickly, but our expertise can make it much easier. We’ve been around for over 50 years and have a vast knowledge of machinery and manufacturing that helps us better serve our clients.

To get the right hydraulic seals or other custom molded parts for your machines, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky, and proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; and Nashville, TN. We want to help you keep your business running quickly and efficiently, so call us today for a quote.