Drive rolls are essential to ensuring that wire feeding is a smooth and efficient process. Without the right drive rolls in place, it’s easy for the wire to get mashed or deformed. Luckily, I.B. Moore offers tons of drive roll options to help you find the perfect part for your machinery.


Different Types of Drive Rolls

Naturally, if we’re telling you how to choose the right drive rolls, there must be different types. Each type varies slightly to give you the best fit for your machine. There are three main types, including V-knurled, V-groove, and U-groove rolls.

V-knurled drive rolls have teeth that help dig into the wire to push it through the feeder. If you have metal-cored wires or self-shielded flux-cored wires, these are the right choice. This type of drive rolls is not typically used with solid wire, and it could cause shavings to break off of the wire, which could have a negative impact on wire feeding due to clogging.

V-groove drive rolls, on the other hand, are typically used with solid wire. Because solid wire is stiffer, it doesn’t need the extra push that V-knurled rolls offer. This style is smooth and does not have the teeth featured in V-knurled drive rolls.

U-groove drive rolls, like V-groove, are smooth and do not feature teeth. These are designed for softer materials, like aluminum wire. Because it’s important to avoid damaging the wire when using these softer materials, U-groove drives are designed to help keep a wire’s round shape while feeding it through the system.

Best Place to Get Drive Rolls in Kentucky

To learn more about the different types of drive rolls and which one you need for your machinery, contact the experts at I.B. Moore today! We have over 50 years of manufacturing experience to ensure that you get the right product every time. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky, and we proudly serve the surrounding area, including Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinatti and Columbus, Ohio (OH); Nashville, Tennessee (TN); and Indianapolis, Indiana (IN). Let us help you keep your business and machinery running smoothly!