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1706, 2019

Why Custom Molded Products are Perfect for Your Business

In your business, there are tons of different types of machines, and each of them requires very specific parts. Unfortunately, not all of those machines have standard parts, especially if the machine itself isn’t standard. Thankfully, you have more options than just standard parts. At I.B. Moore, we can create custom molded products to keep…

2202, 2019

Why Specialty Kits are a Smart Investment for Your Business

If you perform service on several different types of machines, it can be difficult to find the part you need for the one you’re currently working on. Luckily, I.B. Moore offers specialty and custom kits for different types of machines, so you’ll always have the parts you need for repairs or routine maintenance. Read on…

1912, 2018

Custom Rubber and Urethane Rollers for Businesses

When you use your printer or copier, you probably don’t think of all the little pieces that work together to make its function possible, and you shouldn’t have to! At I.B. Moore, we manufacture all types of custom rubber and urethane rollers for businesses, so when something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about…